10 Vital Frontend Developer Skills You Need to Know 2023

Dive deeper into our full guide to frontend developer skills to learn more about each skill. Frontend developers are typically tasked with writing code, analyzing code, debugging applications, and implementing designs. “Client” refers to the device or browser through which a user is accessing your website, app, or software. You can learn more about this in our guide to the difference between frontend and backend development.

To help you to understand a bit better, we will use Inline CSS. Inline CSS is a type of CSS where you can add style properties inside HTML tags. The information which you see on a particular website is only visible because of HTML.

Frameworks and Libraries

That’s why a web developer needs to learn a frontend framework like React. As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph that Web Development, particularly frontend development, has come a long way in the last decade. Like you can do things when someone clicks buttons, you can change animations and look and feel of your webpage when the user moves the mouse, etc. In fact, you can develop a complete web application end-to-end just using JavaScript. Nowadays, it’s very rare for anyone to create a web page by writing HTML.

how to learn Frontend Developer

Still, they keep evolving like CSS now have FlexBox and Grid, JavaScript has ES6 and WebAssembly, etc. Spending some time keeping yourself up-to-date will go a long way in becoming a better web developer. You have plugins for almost anything from developing frontend to connecting to a cloud-like AWS, Azure, and GCP and deploying your application. It consists of a command-line client called npm for downloading those modules and also hosts both public and private packages online. If you want to learn Responsive Web design in 2023, I suggest you take a look at Jonas Schmedtmann’s Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 course on Udemy. Apart from HTML, if there is another irreplaceable web technology is then it must be CSS 3 or Cascading Style Sheet.

Become a Frontend Developer

This holds true in all aspects of life, including programming and front-end development. To get started, check out the second part of freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification. CSS is an abbreviation https://deveducation.com/en/faq/ for Cascading Style Sheets, and you use it to enhance the appearance of a web page by adding CSS styles. These styles make your website more appealing and enjoyable to view and use for the end user.

how to learn Frontend Developer